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2 Inch Pipe Inspection

Compact tool for inspecting small pipe systems with bends from remote access points

A Common Issue

Small diameter piping exists throughout industrial facilities.  This piping often includes tight bends, limited access points, and challenging environments and requirements. As these piping systems age or experience events, inspection is required to support facility life cycle management. 

Kinectrics has developed, and field-deployed, a unique tool for inspecting these hard-to-access systems. It is adaptable to support a wide variety of standard and customized inspection and operational tooling.
The Kinectrics solution is delivered to the pipe inspection area from a remote, pre-existing or field-prepared access point.  It has been successfully deployed at distances of up to 40 feet, with the option to drive further if required.  In addition, Kinectrics has also developed support equipment to remotely deliver the tooling into these access points.
The head integrates Eddy Current NDE technologies to perform flaw detection with length and depth sizing.
This inspection tool also provides for visual inspection with a fibrescope, and includes enhanced lighting capabilities.

Fail-Safe Design

The Kinectrics design includes features to ensure that the inspection tooling is recoverable in the event of failures or unexpected events in the pipe. It also complies with stringent Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) principles.

Challenging Geometries and Environments

The Kinectrics solution addresses challenging pipe geometries, including tight bends and back-to-back elbows. During the inspection sequence, it tracks axial position to support inspection and operational considerations.  It operates in both horizontal and vertical sections, and can operate in high radiation fields and damp conditions.

Adaptable Technology

The Kinectrics 2” pipe inspection solution can be adapted to suit a variety of different pipes, environments, and requirements, including:
  • Scalable to larger or smaller diameter pipes
  • Options for different inspection technologies or tasks
  • Adaptable to support recovery tools like hooks and pinchers
  • Can deliver a variety of cleaning methods, including water washing, chemical solutions, and mechanical abrasion
  • Different environments, such as chemically active, wet, or submerged