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Burst Test Facility

Specialized testing capabilities for high-energy plant components

Designed specifically for the investigation of full scale, high-energy power plant components, Kinectrics' unique well-equipped Burst Test Facility (BTF) provides normal and extreme operating test conditions involving pressure, temperature, force, moment, and vibration, etc. for short-duration, or long-duration testing requirements.

The highly-specialized Burst Test Facility is configurable to readily accommodate the individual needs of specific test requirements. It consists of three separate, but fully integrated areas:

Reinforced Concrete Containment Room:

This room is a specialized test area for the placement of test components. The containment room has been optimized for the testing of piping components, although it is capable of handling a wide variety of high-energy equipment. The Containment Room is fully enclosed during testing to enable the safe containment of energy from the test component due to sudden failures.

This area can contain a catastrophic energy release equivalent to 2.5 kg of TNT. (Capable of sustaining a burst of a heated 41 inch diameter main steam line at 35 MPa).

Control Room

The Control room, adjacent to the Containment Room, contains modern computer-controlled data acquisition instrumentation and automated test control equipment. Human operators have full access to this room at all times during testing, to attend to instrumentation and to fully monitor ongoing tests.

Mechanical Room:

The mechanical room contains hydraulic pumps and (cyclic) force actuation equipment, electrical / heating supply equipment, and all support requirements for the required tests. The mechanical room is accessible during testing and is fully integrated with the control room and the containment room.