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Generators and HV Rotating Machines - Diagnostic Testing Services

Kinectrics offers a proactive approach to improving reliability for your generators and high voltage rotating machines

Kinectrics combines superior knowledge and experience with state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques and advanced facilities to deliver reliable specialized services for your generator and HV rotating machine assets.

With over 100 years of practical experience, Kinectrics is a leading industry consultant and testing facility, and developer. Many of our engineers, scientists and technical specialists were involved in the development of several successful test technologies in use today.

Qualification Testing

Qualification testing of stator bars / coils on hydro and turbo generators for product quality and aging assessment

Specialist Lab Facilities

  • Thermal Cycling - IEEE 1310
  • Voltage Endurance - IEEE 1043 & IEEE 1553
  • Impulse & Surge Testing (100 kV - 0.1-0.2µS) - IEEE 522 / API 541
  • HV Diagnostics (PD, C&DF, TVA, Corona Scope)
  • Coil and Bar Dissection  

Consultancy Services

Generators and HV Motors  

  • Field of Visual Inspections
  • Independent Factory Inspections and Quality Conformance
  • Technical Specifications Review
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Independent reviews

Lab and Field Diagnostic Testing / Condition Assessment

Kinectrics provides a complete array of over voltage off-line diagnostic tests to assess the condition of stator winding insulation. Tests include: 
  • Insulation Resistance / Polarization Index - IEEE 43
  • Partial Discharge Testing
  • Capacitance & Power Factor Tip Up - IEEE 286
  • TVA (Corona)  Probe Tests IEEE 1434
  • Corona Scope Inspections (IEEE 1799)
  • Generator Stator Core -  El CID
  • DC Ramp Test - IEEE 95
  • Generator Rotor Testing