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Dynamic Transformer Rating - DTR - On-line Version

Sophisticated Software for Transformer Rating

Kinectrics DTR software (on-line version) is a sophisticated tool for power transformers' and phase shifting transformers' ratings, temperature and loss of life calculations.

Purpose - Real-time Monitoring, Forecasting and Asset Management

  • To provide current thermal state data for each power transformer and phase shifting transformer to the operator (overheating alarms) and
  • To forecast the load capability for emergency conditions lasting: 15 minutes, 2 hours, 8 hours or 10 days (other periods available on request) based on the current thermal state and working conditions
  • To perform real-time estimation and accumulation of the loss of life based on real working conditions

General Requirements

  • Already available data coming from SCADA: loading current / power, voltage and ambient temperature
  • 1-day weather forecast
  • May use information about tap changer and cooling system
  • A database for storing all the transformers' parameters (it can utilize a database already installed in the Network Management System - NMS)


  • In contrast to the monitoring systems provided by transformer manufacturers, the Kinectrics DTR software allows users to monitor all the power transformers and phase shifting transformers for which loading conditions are accessbile in the NMS
  • No additional hardware is needed, which means no extra costs, and DTR software is suitable for all transformers--either new or old units
  • The program is installed centrally and works from one location, which means no deployment costs