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High Current Testing Lab

New, greatly-expanded High Current testing lab facilities to meet an important industry need with flexible, customer-focused service.

Ensuring Optimum Performance

High current testing services provided by Kinectrics’ recently-expanded, High Current (HC) lab facility and our highly qualified technical personnel ensure your equipment components and products meet or exceed industry standards and deliver maximum performance. 

From transmission class disconnect switches to small connectors, we offer a full range of independent confidential services to provide quality fault current tests for certification or product development requirements.

If your needs are for short circuit, power arc or temperature rise testing, Kinectrics has the ability and experience to provide the solution.

HC Lab Specifications

Kinectrics High Current laboratory is supplied by Hydro One’s power distribution grid with a maximum fault limit of 200 MVA, allowing for stable long-duration faults. High current test areas include a reinforced concrete test cell for destructive type testing, a 60 m (200 ft.) outdoor test span with reinforced towers for line hardware or temporary working grounds, and an indoor area for temperature rise tests.

Modern multi-channel recording systems and professional video or high-speed photography provide a comprehensive record of high current test programs and procedures. Clients and inspectors are welcome during testing and may view procedures from our observation room, or from overhead monitors in the control room.

Testing to Industry Standards

Kinectrics tests to CSA, ASTM, ANSI, IEEE and other standards, for:

  • Type tests on distribution class transformers
  • Short circuit capacity on temporary working grounds
  • Electric arc thermal performance of materials and safety equipment
  • Electric arc hazard assessment
  • Complete connector test series
  • Peak withstand and thermal test on switchgear
  • Temperature rise test on electrical equipment
  • Power arc test on distribution class insulators
  • Short circuit on overhead lines, OPGW and line hardware