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High Temperature Conductor and Accessories Testing Services

connector testing
Qualification and performance tests for the thermal, mechanical, environmental and electrical performance of transmission, distribution and substation connectors according to industry standards and manufacturers’ specifications.

Qualification for Lifetime Performance

To meet ever-increasing load growth, existing and future overhead line components, including connectors, will be required to operate at higher and higher temperatures.
Confidence in the reliable performance of these components is critical, because their failure can lead to a downed line. Operation at elevated temperatures also accelerates the aging process, making the issue of lifetime performance even more critical. Kinectrics provides reliable, confidential performance testing services for clients worldwide, to assess the lifetime performance of these components.

Independent Testing

Kinectrics conducts qualification and performance tests for the thermal, mechanical, environmental and electrical performance of transmission, distribution and substation connectors. One example is the freeze-thaw test, which evaluates the effects of temperature changes on underground connectors. Condition assessment of aged connectors and failure analysis are examples of other tests which are performed to increase the reliability of the line. Other studies are also conducted to confirm the failure mode of overhead connectors, and to determine the most cost-effective measures to prevent future failures.

Kinectrics performs a wide range of tests on high temperature conductors. One example is the thermo-mechanical cycling test, which evaluates the aging performance of the conductor. Sag-tension and current temperature are examples of other tests which are performed to provide data for computational tools.

Infrared Testing Capability

We are equipped to offer in-depth analysis using infrared camera and state-of-the-art research software, which provide detailed information on the temperature distribution of connector surfaces.

Sheave Test

Kinectrics has the knowledge understanding and the experience to test to CSA C57. We have the capacity to customize the parameters to meet the needs of the utilities and manufacturers to ensure that when splices are used in the stringing operations, they will not compromise the quality and reliability of the line.

Proven Expertise & One-Stop Testing Facility

Kinectrics is an internationally recognized company with a reputation for technical excellence in engineering and long-established experience in the provision of connector and conductor testing services to the electric utility industry.

We handle a wide range of conductor tests and connector tests, from new product and aged component testing to custom projects and special studies—all from a single location.
We test and analyze:

• Transmission and Distribution Components
• Electric Power Connections for Substations
• Ground Grid Connectors
• High Temperature Conductors and Connectors
• Substation Multiport Connectors
• Temporary and Permanent Repair Connectors
• Swaged, Implosive and Exothermic Connections
• High Temperature Accessories including spacer, spacer-damper, and suspension assemblies

Kinectrics tests to:

• Industry Standards
• IEEE 837
• IEC 61284, IEC 61238-1
• ANSI C119
• CSA C57-98
• Manufacturers Specifications
• Custom Specifications and other required standards

Examples of connector tests:

• Current Cycle
• Heat Rise
• Pullout Strength
• Torque Strength
• Corrosion Tests: Salt Fog, Acid Bath
• Freeze-thaw
• Vibration
• Condition Assessment of Aged Conductors
• Failure Analysis
• Fault Current

Examples of high temperature conductor tests:

• Thermo-Mechanical Endurance
• High Temperature Creep and Sag-Tension
• Current Temperature
• Thermal-Resistant Property
• Aeolian Vibration, Galloping