Overhead conductor and hardware failures can occur at any time implicating your business and customers. These failures can lead to damage of neighboring equipment, as well as cause extended power outages, shutting down critical infrastructure or residential neighborhoods.

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Thank you to everyone who attended this webinar on ways to better assess the condition of overhead conductors and hardware components.

Webinar Details

You will gain valuable insights on how degradation occurs and learn about Kinectrics’ testing techniques for laboratory condition assessment. This accurate and meaningful test data enables manufacturers and asset owners to utilize the full capability of their components, avoiding potential lost revenue due to poor performance or product failure.

Topics to Cover

  • Overview of overhead conductors & connectors
  • Typical degradation & failure mechanisms
  • Laboratory condition assessment methods & challenges
  • How we accurately predict the condition of an asset to avoid potential in-service failures

Who Should Attend?

  • Maintenance & asset management engineers
  • Facilities managers
  • Critical infrastructure owners
  • Transmission/distribution line managers


ABL1 Organization Andre Maurice

André Maurice

Service Line Manager, Overhead Lines