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JointVue Inspection Tool

Supporting Conductor Quality at the Manufacturing Stage
Based on the original LineVue® technology, the Kinectrics JointVue is a sophisticated sensor capable of detecting minute changes in cross-sections of steel stranding, used either on their own or as cores inside composite conductors. JointVue is typically installed between the stranding point and the capstan.
As its name implies, JointVue is ideally suited to detect core joints made at the end of steel core runs. The unique, advanced capabilities of JointVue address the following conditions that may occur during manufacturing.
1. Joint steel cores while re-threading:  when threading a new core length, the usual process is to hook the new length to the old one and pull it through the strander. To maintain product integrity, it is of prime importance to find the joint and remove it from the finished length of conductor.
2. Identifying defects in broken steel wires, which are virtually impossible to detect during stranding.
Real –time automated monitoring of the steel wires as they are being stranded.
User- friendly console box tailored to manufacturer’s requirements. Depending on the amplitude of the signal, an audible/visual signal, programmable markings on the conductor or total stoppage of the strander can be programmed into the device.
Local Fault (LF) sensing channel is used to detect local faults such as end of the steel core, and broken steel wires.
LED bar graph displays the continuous amplitude of the LF signal.
Durable encoder wheel and oil-filled nylon liner to prevent abrasion or damage to the sensing head and conductor in case of contact.
Output indicators can be customized to meet the customer’s individual requirements (buzzer, programmable markings, alarm, light etc.).
Continuous inkjet technology is an optional addition to the device to provide markings at defect locations. The ink has been specifically designed for stranded conductors with slight surface grease—once applied, the ink dries instantly.
Kinectrics offers monitoring JointVue equipment for lease (with renewal options) and technical support. Kinectrics’ technical personnel will support the original JointVue installation, unit set-up, and provide training and demonstrations for machine operators.

Parameter​​ Value ​
Dimensions (Mounting frame not included)​​​ ​L=37 cm (14.5 in), W=13 cm (5 in) H=18 cm (7 in)
Weight​ 14 kg (30 lbs.)​
Conductor Centering Wheel/ Encoder Wheel Material​ ​Polyurethane​
​Conductor Diameter ​Up to 66 mm (2.5/8 in)
​Conductor Speed ​Up to 300 feet/minute
​Sensor Head Liner ​Oil-filled nylon
Power Supply ​ ​AC 110-240V 50/60 Hz
​Output Signals ​25 V DC or contacts from relays