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Kinectrics Romania
With experienced staff in CANDU and PWR engineering, Kinectrics Nuclear Romania assists clients from both Romania and Canada to an efficient and safe operation of their NPP fleet
Kinectrics location in Romania also offers a wide range of expertise in electrical and I&C, mechanical and                                                                  civil engineering, as well as in nuclear safety and radioactive waste management. 
TH & Nuclear Safety

         ·         Periodic Safety Review (PSR) of NPPs

         ·         Licensing support and regulatory interface

         ·         NPP refurbishment activities

         ·         Safety case review

         ·         Fire Safe Shutdown Analysis

         ·         Advanced CFD Methods for Complex Physical Systems

         ·         Safety documentation (preparation and review) for NPP pre-project phases

         ·         Technical documentation for contracting NPP site licensing studies

         ·         Deterministic Safety Assessment and Best Estimate Plus Uncertainty Analyses using RELAP5, GOTHIC, MAAP5, TRACE & SNAP, MARS-KS, CATHENA

         ·         Design and Beyond Design Basis Accidents Analyses (SBLOCA, LLOCA, SBO)

         ·         Model and Methodology Development

         ·         Uncertainty Analysis (DAKOTA, MOSAIQUE, Non‑Parametric Method)

         ·         Containment and Vacuum Building Pressure Safe Operating Envelope Assessment

         ·         Code Benchmarking & Scalability Analyses

         ·         Level 1 Probabilistic Safety Assessment

Mechanical Engineering

         ·         Piping and Pipe Supports Stress Analysis

         ·         SSC Stress Analyses using Ansys APDL

         ·         Seismic Analyses

         ·         Impact Simulations (drop test) using LS-Dyna

         ·         Structural Vibrations and Acoustic Simulations for nuclear and non-nuclear components

         ·         Structural Integrity Assessment and FFS Evaluations

         ·         Support Activities for Safety Evaluations (Seismic PSA, PSR)

         ·         Conceptual and Detail Design using 3D Modelling: PDS, PDMS, Creo (former Pro\Engineer), Laser Scan, MicroStation 3D, Autocad 2D

         ·         Piping Design: General Arrangement and Isometric Drawings, Bill of Materials

         ·         Thermal-hydraulic Analyses for System Design (hand calculation and PIPE-FLO calculation code)

         ·         Design Reports

         ·         Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Codes and Standards: ASME B&PVC Sections III, VIII, XI, B31.1, API579-1/ASME FFS1, AISC N690, ACI 349

Electrical and I&C

         ·         Electrical Design: SWGR, MCC, motors, relays etc.

         ·         I&C Design: Controller, Valve Positioner and Transmitter Replacement; IDSs, ICSs, IUC Memos.

         ·         Documentation markups (DMs, OMs etc.).

         ·         DCC Software Change (Software Requirement Specification, Testing, Implementation).

         ·         DCC Interfacing (T/G, DCS, PLC).

         ·         System and Component Health Monitoring Program.

         ·         Full Scope and Desktop Plant Simulator Support.

         ·         Cybersecurity (RG 5.51, 10 CFR 73.54).

         ·         Overall Plant Control.

Civil Engineering

         ·         Basic and detailed design for nuclear power plant, industrial buildings (concrete, steel structure) and civil buildings.

         ·         ASCE, CSA, Euro code – Basis, Actions, Concrete, Steel, Composite, Romanian codes for concrete and steel but also following design guides and best practice recommendations applicable to nuclear and non-nuclear structures

Radioactive Waste Management

         ·         Safety case development and Safety Analysis Reports

         ·         Strategies for Radioactive Waste Management

         ·         Regulatory affairs and licensing for the nuclear industry