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Kinectrics outlines a client project involving a successful removal of the hottest fugitive particle in the history of nuclear power generation.

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Machining & Prototyping

Specialized High-Precision Machining Services using State-of-the-art EDM and CNC Equipment.


As part of Kinectrics’ turnkey Inspection & Maintenance Systems capability, we possess advanced on-site machining and prototyping facilities. Our Machining and Prototyping group is focused on the achievement of innovative solutions for the specialized needs of the power generation industry.

Coupled with our NDE Tooling Development group, the Machining & Prototyping team facilitates rapid Design/Prototyping/Testing cycles to ensure compliance with stringent industry requirements in a short time span.

Kinectrics’ specific machining and prototyping capabilities include:

  • 5-Axis CNC Machining Capability
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) down to 0.001” wire diameters
  • Micro-machining of metallurgical samples down to 1 micron (0.00004”)
  • 3D CAD/CAM capabilities to enable rapid Design/Prototyping/Testing cycles
  • Manufacture with “difficult to machine” materials – zirconium, tungsten, nitronic, titanium
  • Repair and maintenance of irradiated components
  • Design & manufacture of Nuclear Class 1, 2 & 3 fittings

Operated and managed by Kinectrics' experienced highly-qualified personnel, the Machining and Prototyping Group is prepared to meet your specialized  manufacturing and technology development needs.