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Mussel and Particulate Screening - Practical, Innovative Systems

Advanced innovative technology for effective fouling control and particulate screening at nuclear, and other generating plants.

Kinectrics Unique Expertise

Since 1989, Kinectrics’ interdisciplinary team of biologists, chemists, physical scientists and engineers has developed and continually advanced effective mussel control technologies. Kinectrics has helped set industry standards for zebra mussel filtration and has established the 40 micron-size screen design most commonly used today.

Focused on infestation prevention as the best cure, Kinectrics’ innovative solutions include anti-fouling coatings, optimized chlorine applications, mechanical filtration, acoustical treatment, UV applications and thermal shock treatment.

Preventing Macro Fouling

Zebra and quagga mussels spread from the Great Lakes into the water bodies of central and eastern North America, fouling utility, industrial and municipal intake structures and piping networks. Unchecked, they can decrease or obstruct flow, interrupt key processes, reduce heat transfer, cause outages, and impair the response of emergency systems for fire or equipment safety.

Users of raw lake water need effective fouling control measures to prevent the  mussel colonization of water systems. Industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and pulp and paper need assurance of infestation prevention, of the removal of all unwanted particles from process water, and the compliance of all regulations in the removal of particulates.

An Effective, Environmentally-Friendly Solution

Kinectrics’ Ever-Clear™ Filtration is an effective, environmentally-friendly alternative system for removing mussels from flowing water systems at power plant intakes. The Ever-Clear™ Filter also provides an ideal method for filtration in many manufacturing process industries. The Kinectrics’ team custom designed Ever-Clear™ to meet specific mussel control and particulate filtration needs.

Kinectrics’ Specialized Services

Contract research, or testing and evaluation:

  • Bio-monitoring of raw water systems for mussels
  • Monitoring of control system performance
  • Design and implementation of control techniques
  • Consultation on mussel biology, optimization of chlorine treatment, mechanical filtration, acoustical application, UV applications and anti-fouling coatings

Unique research facilities:

  • Unique continuous once-through flow cell system
  • Abundant natural supply of veliger and adult mussels
  • Control of water velocity and residency times in each flow cell, making it possible to simulate the environments of mussels which infest raw water systems
  • Automated control and monitoring instrumentation (temperature, pressure, velocity, chemical concentration, veliger density)
  • Custom designed applications
  • Transportable to your site

Zebra mussel biology

  • Larval and adult biology
  • Automated veliger counting
  • Behavioural response to treatments and fluid dynamics
  • Substrate preference

Physical control evaluation

  • Fouling control coatings
  • New filtration technologies
  • Acoustical treatment
  • UV and ionizing irradiation
  • Electric shock
  • Thermal shock

Chemical control evaluation

  • Efficacy testing of novel molluscicides
  • Optimization of chemical use
  • Chlorine generation by electrolysis