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Equipment Qualification - Nuclear

Expert testing services and new expanded facilities for nuclear plant safety-related equipment qualification.

Experience and Expertise

For over 20 years, Kinectrics has performed comprehensive equipment qualification encompassing a variety of international reactor designs and utility / manufacturers’ equipment needs. 

Qualification Tests

  • Thermal and radiation aging
  • Seismic and vibration simulations
  • Cyclic aging
  • Steam Event Simulations (LOCA / MSLB / HELB)
  • Electromagnetic / Radio Frequency Interference (EMI / RFI)

Thermal and Radiation Testing

Kinectrics has a variety (14+) of ovens and chambers used to perform accelerated thermal aging of components in order to determine component or system activation energies. The ovens vary in size to accommodate both large and small components.

Seismic Testing

Kinectrics performs the full range of required seismic testing for nuclear equipment qualification and is equipped with two tri-axial seismic testing tables.

Steam Test Simulation

Kinectrics’ recently upgraded steam plant enables testing for the new, advanced reactor designs.

Kinectrics’ test facility permits close control of steam conditions to meet IEEE-323 margin standards while minimizing over-test during simulations.


The new IEEE 323 standard (2003) imposes EMI / RFI equipment testing for electrical components. Kinectrics provides services in accordance with this standard. 

Tests encompass:

  • Power surge vulnerability
  • EMI resistance (shielded room)
  • Full spectrum testing

Testing and Quality Standards

  • IEEE 323/344
  • IEE Component Qualification Standards
  • ASME QME -1
  • 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, NQA-1, CNSA Quality Programs
  • Multiple International Standards

Qualification Reports

Kinectrics’ EQ experts are familiar with the details of specific standards and have actively served on technical committees which develop these important industry criteria.

Our technical reports are thorough and well organized to facilitate ease-of-use years after equipment verification and validation efforts have been completed.  

Nuclear Equipment Qualification Reports and Technical Support

  • Test Strategy Development
  • Activation Energy Determination
  • Forensic Analysis Support
  • Detailed Qualification Reports

Expanded Services

Kinectrics comprehensive laboratory and analytical capabilities are employed in each equipment qualification activity.  On-staff materials specialists in metals, polymers and other non-metallic items assist with equipment qualification plan development.
Core competencies in electrical engineering and testing can also be brought to bear in the performance of required functional tests. 
Kinectrics assesses aging and failure mechanisms, and also provides recommendations and development for improved replacement materials or repair methodologies.