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Oil Testing and Diagnostics

Complete transformer fluid and component monitoring complemented by expert analytical capabilities for full predictive and proactive maintenance utility support.

Comprehensive Services

Kinectrics’ state-of-the-art laboratories provide clients with a full range of transformer fluid and component monitoring services, from routine oil testing to complex analysis and large-scale R&D testing.

Unlike some assembly line oil testing and analysis services, our goal is to provide clients with the answers they need, i.e. real solutions, which go beyond simple acquisition of more reliable data.

We provide convenient oil testing packages tailored to meet specific client requirements and criteria for interpretation of data.

Additional facilities available for advanced work at our Kinectrics’ site include a high voltage testing lab for large-scale electrical testing, and environmental laboratories for biodegradation and toxicity testing.

Kinectrics laboratories operate 5 days per week. Additional services 24/7 are also available via our paging system.

Dielectric Fluids and Gases

The Petroleum Products Group (PPG) of the Analytical and Waste Services Department (AWS) provides routine testing (mostly ASTM based), consulting, and R&D services for dielectric fluids and related materials in support of electrical equipment operation, preventive maintenance and problem solving.

The PPG provides utilities with early warnings of incipient fault conditions. It is also a qualified technical resource centre for specifications, product recommendations, materials compatibility testing, materials property information, and the interpretation of test data.

Our advanced technical expertise includes consulting on dielectric fluid monitoring practices, equipment life extension, and the identification and resolution of tribology (wear/friction/sticking) problems in lubricated components of electrical systems or equipment.

Kinectrics’ laboratories are registered to ISO 9001 and testing is accredited to ISO 17025 by the Standards Council of Canada.

Sample tracking is computerized and oil test data are managed electronically and data reporting can be customized to suit the client.

In addition, standard oil test data is provided in Transformer Oil Analyst (TOA) spreadsheet format and electronically ported to the client.

Kinectrics’ PPG areas of expertise include:

  • Routine condition monitoring and advice - Approximately 30 ASTM and industry standard  tests pertaining to dielectric fluids are routinely supported in our laboratories.
  • Dissolved gas analysis including furans, penols - Rapid, accurate fault gas analysis is available on a routine basis for mineral and synthetic oils, and silicones.
  • Analysis of SF6 gas – SF6 analysis and data interpretation and diagnostic services. Databases are maintained for trend analysis.
  • Askarel (PCB) monitoring - High PCB content dielectrics can be monitored and PCB / chlorobenzene ratio can be determined.
  • PCB Contamination Issues - Waste management, oil identification, spill cleanup, PCB contamination measurement, fluid reclaiming / recycling / reinhibiting, environmentally friendly materials, and disposal issues can all be addressed.
  • Lubrication Issues – Advice on the selection of switchgear or other lubricants and hydraulic fluids, and micro-sample testing techniques for predictive maintenance applications are available.
  • Investigative and R&D services – Areas covered include: equipment life extension, accelerated aging and life studies, new materials evaluations, flammability assessments, failure studies, experimental winding model tests, filter evaluations and detailed analysis of deposits or materials.
  • Advanced analysis – Comprehensive laboratory services are available for general and advanced analytical tests