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Power Transformer Testing and Condition Assessment

Comprehensive Transformer Inspection Services by Industry Experts

Transformer Inspection Services

Kinectrics provides comprehensive transformer testing and consulting to utilities in Canada, the US and worldwide. Our services include:

  • Routine transformer tests
  • Advanced off-line / on-line diagnostic testing
  • High Voltage tests
  • Post mortem and root cause failure analysis
  • Health index and asset management, remaining life estimation 

A. Overview of Routine Transformer Testing Services

    Kinectrics performs industry standard inspection testing including:
  • A-1 Electrcal tests
  • A-2 Oil tests
  • A-3 Transformer Visual Examination
  • A-4 Tap-changer Test

B. Advanced Diagnostic Testing

    When routine tests such as DGA or Power Factor indicate potential issues, Kinectrics can perform advanced diagnostic test techniques to determine the root cause of the abnormalities. Our diagnostic techniques include:
  • B-1  Partial Discharge (PD) testing
  • B-2  Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR)
  • B-3  Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)
  • B-4  Frequency Response Stray Losses (FRSL)

C. High Voltage Testing

Kinectrics is able to perform "applied voltage tests" in the field, as well as lightning impulse, AC Hi-Pot, and short-circuit tests at the high voltage / high current labs.

E. Port Mortem and Root Cause Failure Analysis

This is a unique service that Kinectrics offers after a transformer is taken out of service. Kinectrics proposes a root-cause failure / post mortem analysis be performed to help prevent similar failures, better understand aging mechanisms, or predict the life of similar transformers currently in service.