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Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)

Comprehensive Probabilistic Risk Assessment services offered by the Kinectrics team of experts.

Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) is an integrated plant analysis process and requires expertise in a number of diverse technical areas. Qualified PRA services in Canada are in high demand and short supply. Kinectrics has arranged exclusive teaming arrangements with fully qualified international partners to meet this demand.

The Kinectrics QA program is qualified to CSA N286.2 & N286.7.

Kinectrics’ PRA Team and Business

Kinectrics has an established history of providing high quality support to the Canadian Nuclear Industry, and has created a special  group to provide comprehensive PRA services to Canadian utilities. Our professional team offers world-class expertise in:

  • PRA Methods
  • Risk-informed regulation
  • Optimization of Operations & Maintenance using a risk-informed view

A Unique Phased Approach to External Event

Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA)

The Kinectrics PRA Phased Approach
  • Minimizes the cost to customers
  • Controls the scope of the effort and the total expenditures
  • Involves CNSC throughout in order to minimize regulatory risk
  • Supports removal of PRA-related activities from the license renewal critical path by gaining acceptance early
  • Supports the cost-effective development of operational decision-making tools
  • Follows industry standard methodology, NUREG / CR-6850 Methodology for Fire and U.S. NRC Methodology (NUREG / CR-4482) for Seismic

Kinectrics expertise in nuclear safety analysis and CANDU technology, complements the PRA team’s capabilities with required analytical support in safety and thermal hydraulics, fuel and fuel channel behaviour, trip assessment, reactor physics, containment and dose assessment.

Recent and Current Projects

  • Fire, Seismic and Internal Flood PRA for multi-unit CANDU
  • Screening Fire Risk Assessment for multi-unit CANDU
  • Independent Third Party Reviews of PRA
  • Operational and Programmatic Risk and Reliability Support