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Seismic Testing and Qualification

Comprehensive seismic and vibration testing services for nuclear safety-related equipment and telecommunications equipment.

Complete Seismic Testing Services

Kinectrics' services cover the full range of seismic testing required for qualification. We operate 2 tri-axial shaker tables and a RIM (Random Input Motion) table in our large Mechanical Testing Lab.
Our Nuclear Parts and Qualification group performs ongoing seismic qualification for nuclear stations, which comprise Canada’s 22 CANDU® reactors, as well as testing for several Canadian and U.S. component manufacturers. 
Kinectrics' capabilities meet all requirements of 10 CFR 50, a US Quality Assurance program. We offer a low-cost service to meet IEEE 344 or other specifications--with fast turnaround and accurate results.

Experience and Expertise

Kinectrics has established a solid reputation for efficiency and reliability in seismic testing and qualification. Our internationally-recognized facilities house state-of-the-art equipment to accommodate your special seismic testing needs.

Seismic testing facilities :

RIM (Random Input Motion) Table:

  • 4 ft. x 4 ft., platform with flexibiity to adapt to various mounting configurations. 10 " stroke and 3800 lb. payload. RIM table frequency sweep ranges from 1 Hz to 100 Hz with 9 g Acceleration (10 Hz to 64 Hz).

Table A:

  • 5 ft. x 5 ft. independent tri-axial shaker table with 8,000 lb. capacity with 6 inch stroke actuators (vertical). ZPA ≈ 2.0 g, overturning moment 150,000 ft. lbs.

Table B:

  • 3 ft. x 3 ft. independent tri-axial T-slotted shaker table with 4,000 lb. capacity with 10 inch stroke actuators. ZPA ≈ 12.0 g, overturning moment 130,000 ft. lbs.
  •  Meets Quality Assurance program requirements of 10 CFR 50
  • Random, sine-sweep or continuous sine-wave excitation
  • Calculates response spectra 3 channels at a time
  • Motion in 3 directions with minimal coherence between axes
  • Online determination of response spectra, including “easy-to-read” single page presentation of tri-axial results compared to requirements
  • Laser calibration of accelerometers and high accuracy analysis
  • Computer-controlled Shock / response spectrum analysis and sine sweep capabilities up to 10,000 lbs.

Multiple Client Benefits

Kinectrics’ seismic testing and qualification services provide clients with multiple benefits:

  • Quality Assurance program requirements are met
  • Less fatigue damage to your equipment
  • Cost-effective savings with one advanced testing centre using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Fast turnaround, accurate results and concise, easy-to-read reports
  • Comprehensive capabilities to accommodate special testing needs