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Specialized Feeder Inspection Tools

Advanced feeder inspection tools to facilitate faster, better and more cost effective feeder inspections.

Kinectrics offers a wide variety of specialized feeder inspection tools for CANDU feeder inspections including:


  • Small UT (Ultrasonic) probe which fits directly next to Grayloc Hub welds
  • Encoded circumferential scan 360 degrees
  • 6 transducers on a 2.5 mm spacing
  • First transducer 1.7 mm from edge of shoe – 12.5 mm coverage along feeder axis
  • Models to fit 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 3.5” feeder diameters
  • Full line of parts and services

Long Radius Bend (LRB) Tool

  • Thickness measurements for limited-access situations (e.g. upper feeders)
  • 4-probe UT head, probes 90 deg. apart pulled along the feeder to initiate axial scan
  • 2-axis head manipulation to provide flexibility for tight access situations

Grayloc Area Inspection Tool (GAIT)

  • Semi – remote version of 6-Pack to improve repeatability, speed and reduce dose
  • Single tool can be configured for both 2” and 2.5” feeders
  • Customized, removable hub adapters to fit a variety of field configurations
  • Single probe element replacement

Replica Tool

  • OD replication of straight feeder sections for limited access situations
  • Replica mold head attached to ~3 ft. long handle
  • Head contains magnets to attach firmly to pipe
  • 2-part cartridge is housed within handle, injected by “trigger”