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Station Grounding Review Services

Complete grounding review services to ensure protection and public safety and deliver substantial savings for utilities.

The Kinectrics advanced substation grounding and transformer testing mobile trailer is outfitted and ready to support your needs. Our efficient set-up is equipped with the most modern test equipment that exceeds the industry standards.

Comprehensive Services

Grounding Reviews and comprehensive site measurements identify over-designed components and provide full conditional assessments, including those pertaining to safety. Integrity tests can prove the proper bonding of power equipment and structures and when combined with special software, can even resolve the size of individual buried conductors. Surface stone measurements indicate when replacement is necessary. Current injection tests measure correct ground potential rises and touches.

Two-layer soil models enable an accurate estimate of the station electrode resistance.  Lightning simulation tests allow coordination of stresses with the specified immunity of electronic equipment.  Magnetic field measurements can be compared to international exposure guidelines.

A Kinectrics Grounding Review study typically combines a controlled field test with advanced analytical modeling to provide practical corroboration and detailed reporting documentation. 

Full-Service Mobile Testing Capabilities

  •  A battery-powered 10-A micro ohmmeter with custom cables allows rapid measurement of resistance between accessible grid connections.
  • A digital Megger connected to a sampling box and used with de-ionized water provides a repeatable measure of stone quality.
  • A 5 kW, 240 V diesel generator and network analyzer mounted in our test van inject sufficient test current to allow a precise measure of ground potential rise and interconnection station ground impedance, including phase angle.
  • Probes to measure touch potentials. Clip-on transformers resolve current splits in distribution neutrals and skywires.
  • A digital Megger, a cable set with predetermined connection points and custom software provide a two-layer soil model for use by designers.
  • A surge generator and portable digitizer to quantify stresses at vulnerable equipment terminals.
  • A magnetic field meter with digital output to provide a three dimensional survey of fields in gauss or microtesla.