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Tritium and Heavy Water Technologies

Expert Operations and Design Solutions

Heavy Water Storage and Management

Kinectrics has comprehensive knowledge of CANDU operations and heavy water management, including the clean-up and storage of tritiated heavy water and the separation of tritium from the heavy water.  

Transportation of Heavy Water

For the transportation of tritiated heavy water, Kinectrics provides IP2 and IP3 drum pressure testing and cleaning.

Heavy Water Cleanup

Kinectrics’ expertise includes knowledge of heavy water chemistry, technologies and methodologies for the clean-up of heavy water (e.g. the proprietary BioRemediation Process). Kinectrics offers heavy water clean-up services for difficult-to-process heavy water, both at CANDU plants and at its facility.

Kinectrics’ drum scale - heavy water clean-up facility includes a vacuum distillation unit, UV oxidation system, ion-exchange, and activated heavy water.  For high TOC levels Kinectrics offers BioRemediation; that is, microbes cultured to live in heavy water and feed on the organics contaminants.
Heavy Water Upgraders
Kinectrics is experienced with the science and equipment behind heavy water upgrader, water distillation technology. Computer-based models of heavy water upgraders permit Kinectrics to simulate upgrader performance under various conditions. Kinectrics’ offers an analytical laboratory and advanced expertise in upgrader operation and degradation mechanisms that lead to distributor plugging and packing deterioration. 


Heavy Water Escape and Tritium Emissions

Kinectrics has experience in critically examining tritium emissions pathways from CANDU plants and tritium handling facilities. Kinectrics offers a variety of technological solutions to aid the reduction of tritium emissions to the environment. 

Tritium Technologies

Kinectrics is a long-time provider of advanced technical expertise to the international tritium community for tritium handling, storage, monitoring and dosimetry. Kinectrics Inc. has operated a tritium facility for over 25 years and provided a wide range of technical support services in this area for international utilities, international laboratories, waste disposal sites, tritium light manufacturers and universities

Detritiation Support

Kinectrics has proven expertise with detritiation facility design and various technologies used for detritiation, nuclear safety and licensing, construction, equipment manufacturers and operations. Recent Kinectrics detritiation support projects include:

  • Development of a process flowsheet for a single CANDU unit detritiation plant including costing and scheduling
  • Design engineering, procurement and commissioning of equipment for international detritiation facilities
  • Development of alternative technologies - detritiation on small scale (<30 kg D2O/day) and of light water
  • Design, build and testing of tritium handling systems (PHT dryer, cryogenic distillation, tritium immobilization systems, tritium clean-up systems) Safety and Licensing for an international Tritium Removal Facility
  • Project management and engineering design review for an international Tritium Removal Facility
  • Design of a tritium retentions system for the abatement of tritium emissions to the environment for an international Tritium Removal Facility

Tritium Environmental Monitoring

Kinectrics has conducted multi-year testing of passive tritium monitors and is the designer and supplier of a new tritium in-air sampler for the environment, developed through the CANDU Owner’s Group (COG).  Kinectrics has a history of success in tritium monitoring development—from process monitors—to monitoring tritium in waste and on surfaces.


Kinectrics offers a number or tritium-related training courses presented by technical experts.