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Decommissioning and Waste Management

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Kinectrics’ key competencies of strategic planning, safety analysis, regulatory support, engineering design, decontamination, waste treatment, dosimetry, active laboratories, licensed facilities and site operations have been demonstrated on operational, refurbishment, and decommissioning nuclear projects.

As a result, Kinectrics has direct project experience across all stages of the Decommissioning & Waste Management life cycle, supporting both Canadian-based and international nuclear sites.​

Kinectrics’ portfolio of operational experience and team of subject matter experts in these areas enable the development of innovative solutions on projects such as:

  • - Pickering Units 2 and 3 Safe Storage Project
  • - Preliminary Design Plan for OPG's Deep Geological Repository
  • - Douglas Point Decommissioning Cost Estimate
  • - CNL Mixed Waste Processing
  • - Low and Intermediate Level (L&ILW) Waste Processing
  • - Wolsong Decommissioning Schedule
  • - Preliminary Decommissioning Plan for CNE Cernavoda Units 1 and 2​
  • - International benchmarking on Decommissioning Strategies
  • - Site Strategic planning, Stabilization planning, and Sustainable Operations planning for End of Commercial Operation for Pickering Nuclear

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Our project experience is bolstered by our capabilities in the following areas: 

Strategy Planning and Analysis
Experience with optioneering related projects has helped clients and regulators better understand what routes are most feasible for a planned decommissioning projects.
  • Strategy Development
  • Waste Disposal Strategy
  • Waste Process Optioneering
  • Decommissioning Options and Costs
  • Funding Options
  • Deterministic and Probabilistic Safety Analysis
Site/Facility Characterisation
Extensive experience with operational CANDU facilities allows for efficient site scoping and characterisation activities.
  • Historical Site Assessment
  • Scoping Surveys
  • Survey design
  • Final Release Survey
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Decommissioning Impact Assessment
  • Dose Assessment
  • Radionuclide Inventory
  • Chemical and Hazard Analysis
  • Activation Analysis for Structures and Components
Waste Management Options
Every country has different political environment which can affect waste management costs and social license. Subject matter experts, with international experience and senior leadership experience, allow Kinectrics to understand these considerations in order to inform business decisions and regulatory proceedings.
  • Waste Strategy Development
  • Optioneering
  • Disposal and Cost Analysis
  • Volume Reduction Strategies
  • Treatment and Processing
  • System Decontamination at Shutdown
Decommissioning Cost Estimate
Kinectrics can apply its expertise from decommissioning strategic planning and past experiences to optimize the development of Decommissioning Cost Estimates for both accelerated or long-term strategies.
  • Modelling
  • Optioneering
  • Site End-State Scenarios
  • Database
Preliminary Decommissioning Plan
With experience in PDP activities for Canadian and international clients, Kinectrics has subject matter experts who can help identify OPEX and provide insight with regards to high-level plans for a decommissioning project.
  • Process Modeling / Simulation
  • Application of Standards and Regulatory Guidance
  • End State Definition
  • Cost Estimation
  • PDP Preparation
Transition Management
Staff training programs, OPEX collection, and Subject Matter Experts with industry management experience are assets in the development of transition strategies decades in advance of final site turnover.
  • Retention of Institutional Memory
  • Release or Transfer of Staff
  • Commercial Handover
  • License Termination Planning
  • Safe Operation Planning (Regulatory)
  • Stabilization Planning (Regulatory and Engineering)
Decommissioning Safety Assessment
Planning and execution experience for operational and decommissioning reactors has developed a large pool of experiences to reference in future projects to minimize dose. Kinectrics is the first and only independent commercial service provider of alpha dosimetry services in Canada licensed by the CNSC.
  • Hot Areas Definition
  • Resource Requirements
  • Operations Planning
  • Virtual Simulations
  • Shielding Analysis and Dose Calculations
Systems and Components Assessment
An understanding of system interoperability and condition assessments helps to develop plans to isolate decommissioning units from the rest of the nuclear facility.
  • Redundant and Retained Systems
  • New Build Replacement Options
  • Life Management for Retained Systems
  • Infrastructure Support Needs
Detailed Decommissioning plan
Experience in preparation of PDPs and developing decommissioning strategies can be leveraged to document the final end-state objectives, a waste management plan and potential environmental effects required for the detailed decommissioning plan. The combination of process modelling/simulation and past project experience helps identify and mitigate process bottlenecks in decommissioning schedules.
  • Schedule and Cost Estimation
  • Process Modelling / Simulation
  • Engineering Plans and Procedures
  • Waste Stream and Quantity
  • Project Organisation and Management
Engineering Design, Procurement and Manufacture
Machine labs and experienced engineers work closely together to develop and operate inspection and waste retrieval tools.
  • Data Gathering, Sampling and Characterisation
  • Optioneering and Concept Development
  • Waste Inventory and Storage
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria
  • Process Design
  • Simulation and Training
  • Prep Tender Documentation
  • Tooling Design
  • Safety Case Prep
  • Planning Cost Estimating
  • Procurement Plan
  • Engineering Design and Substantiation
  • Key Items/Long Lead Manufacture and Works
  • Design for Decommissioning (New Build)
  • Shielding Analysis
Site Assembly, Commissioning and Installation
Extensive experience with asset management, component and temporary structures, and non-destructive testing will be assets for developing effective solutions for the gradual decommissioning and dismantling of entire nuclear facilities. This is de-risked by use of our large mock-up facility and in-house prototype manufacturing capability.
  • Civil Works
  • Decommissioning and Dismantling of Site Infrastructure
  • Maintenance and Upkeep on Retained Assets
  • Strip and Repurpose (E.g. Turbine hall as a waste sorting area)
  • New Build (E.g. Waste Retrieval, Export, Grouting and Packaging Facilities)
  • Electrical/Mechanical Installations
  • Inactive / Active Commissioning Systems and Support Services
  • Site Acceptance Testing
  • Subcontracting and Oversight
  • Process Simulation
Waste Retrieval and Waste Management
Kinectrics' proprietary waste processing solutions combined with near-site facilities allows for effective and responsive waste processing needs.
  • Active and Non Active Waste (Used Fuel, heavy water, Resins, hazardous waste)
  • Segregation (ILW, LLW, VLLW, Exempt) and Processing
  • Award winning process for mixed liquid waste treatment
  • Tritium and C-14 Monitoring and Control
  • Processing of Downgraded Heavy Water
  • Waste Clearance
  • Storage, Short and Long Term
  • Characterisation
  • Post Operational Clean Out
  • Processing
  • Decontamination
  • Disposal
  • Survey and Follow-up Remediation
  • Design and Fabrication of Waste Processing Equipment
  • Design and Operation of Modular Waste Treatment Solutions
Decades of experience from working with regulators from Canadian and international nuclear projects has developed a solid understanding of regulatory processes, which can be used to anticipate discussion points and to better predict timelines for regulatory activities.
  • Licensing Case Development
  • Regulatory Compliance Support and Interpretation
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Notifications - Decommissioning, Mandate, Hold Points
Environmental Restoration
In-house sampling analysis allows for rapid and comprehensive environmental site monitoring programs at the end-state of a decommissioning project.
  • Surveys, Sampling and Analysis
  • Regulatory Monitoring
  • Regulatory Liaison and Termination of Decommissioning License
  • Archive
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