13th International Conference on Tritium Science and Technology – Tritium 2022

Tritium 2022 was an opportunity to have valuable interactions among scientists and engineers, to exchange the knowledges achieved on all scientific and engineering researches in tritium science and technology, and to initiate future borderless collaborations.

The International Conference on Tritium Science and Technology first meeting was in 1980, in Dayton, Ohio, with the occasion of a national meeting of the American Nuclear Society. This conference is organized by rotation on three continents North America, Europe, and Asia every three years. Since then, another twelve conferences have taken place all around the world: Dayton, USA (1985), Toronto, Canada (1988), Albuquerque, USA (1991), Belgirate, Italy, (1995), Tsukuba, Japan (2001), Baden-Baden, Germany (2004), Rochester, USA (2007), Nara, Japan (2010), Nice, France (2013), Charleston, USA (2016) and Busan, Korea, (2019). Hundreds of participants from many countries of North America, Europe, and Asia attended these conferences. The accepted papers were published in a special issue of the journal “Fusion Science and Technology”, a journal of the American Nuclear Society.

In 2019, in Busan, Korea, the Steering Committee of the conference decided to give the honour of hosting the 13th edition of the National Research and Development Institute for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies in Ramnicu Vâlcea, Romania.

Therefore, in Bucharest, between 15th to 20th of May 2022, the Technical Organizing Committee aim to create the best framework for the information exchange about the latest researches in the field of tritium for fusion, fission, and other isotopic application

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