Presently, the power generation sector is experiencing increased pressure to deliver more power to markets using (in some cases) existing generation assets. As a result, power output is maximized by operating generators at the upper limits which effects their life. This requires high quality critical components, such as stator winding, to reliably operate a generator while satisfying power demands.

Further, in case of stator winding in-service failure, generator rewinds are often expedited resulting in a lack of quality control. Alternatively, during coil/bar production the necessary quality assurance steps are incorporated into the process in the form of third-party testing and inspections, leading to significant benefits to both the user and supplier.

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Thank you to everyone who attended this webinar on the importance of an independent quality control process for new stator coils and bars.

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This one-hour presentation will highlight the procedures, testing standards, and sample outcomes of a third-party, independent review process, which can help maximize the quality of a winding insulation system. Specific examples that emphasize when to conduct third-party testing/inspections of new stator coils/bars will also be discussed.

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