Project Overview

Helium-3 is an essential isotope that is used in neutron detectors and for security applications and is a potential fusion fuel, but it is extremely rare. There is even talk about mining it on the moon! An alternative is to produce it on certain nuclear reactors and this project developed the processing technology to do that. Tritium is a co-produced radioactive contaminant.

How We Helped

We completed engineering, procurement, fabrication, assembly, testing, delivery, installation and commissioning support of a He-3 extraction and tritium cleanup skid. Details are confidential, but we can say that the skid safely extracts He-3 and removes trace quantities of trapped Tritium. Main assemblies included were vacuum assembly, tritium removal assembly, and compression assembly.

Our capabilities and specialty processes include stainless steel piping systems, design, procurement, manufacturing and testing to CSA Z299.2 and nuclear plant standards and knowledge of ultra-low vacuum, tritium, and process systems.

Photograph of the he-3 extraction system