Project Overview

We were contracted by Bruce Power to design, fabricate, test, qualify, and supply a Primary Heat Transport (PHT) Vacuum Drying System and a Moderator Drying and Ventilation System. A QA level of Z299.3 was required for the PHT system and Z299.2 for the MOD system.

The Primary Heat Transport (PHT) Vacuum Drying System was used at Bruce Power for the removal of any remaining heavy water from the PHT system after it has been drained. The Moderator Drying and Ventilation System was used to dry the moderator after it was drained and keep it ventilated during Major Component Replacement activities.

How We Helped

We provided six (6) different skids for each system to handle the (vacuum) draining, condensate collection, drying, ventilation and Remote Control of the equipment. These skids included the following items:

PHT Drying and Ventilation System

  • Vacuum Pump Skid
  • Heat Exchanger/Desiccant Dryer Skid
  • Condensate Transfer Skid
  • Condensate Tanks (2)
  • LPSW Skid
  • HMI Control Station

Moderator Drying and Ventilation System

  • Filter Skid 1
  • Blower Skid 1
  • Desiccant Dryer Skid 1
  • Filter Skid 2
  • Blower Skid 2
  • Desiccant Dryer Skid 2
  • HMI Control Station

We designed the complex system of support structures (skids), piping, tanks, vacuum pumps, boosters, and control hardware necessary to perform the vacuum drying. Fabrication of the equipment was overseen by us and included daily review of drawings and revisions, vendor deliveries, part verifications, component assembly, material certifications, user interfaces, safety and backups, dimensional checks, and ongoing system tests.

Photograph of the PHT drying and ventilation system