Automated Field Inspection for Overhead Conductors


Do you know the condition of your aging lines?


Many transmission and distribution lines are very old with some conductors and shield wires having been in service for more than 70 years. With lines well past their design life, the rates of deterioration are largely unknown. As lines continue to age, it becomes increasingly important for utilities to know the existing physical condition of conductors to optimize capital management of these important assets. 


Knowing the actual condition of the conductor steel core is important for utilities to determine whether the conductor needs immediate replacement to avoid unplanned failures or, if utilities can forego expensive capital investment programs to extend the life of their assets.  


LineVue® is a non-destructive automated inspection tool used to collect information and assess the conductor condition in the field and in real-time. LineVue® helps utilities better manage these key assets, address safety concerns, increase infrastructure reliability, and reduce replacement costs – be informed and make the right investment decisions by knowing the condition of your lines.  


Customer Recommendations


"Using LineVue®, East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) was able to conclusively assess the condition of aging transmission conductors in real-time and incorporate the inspection findings into the company's conductor replacement strategy."  
- EKPC Reliability Team


"We are satisfied that LineVue® is capable of providing acceptable and accurate data. The tool provides a viable method to assess our conductors without cutting out samples. Most importantly, using LineVue® eliminates the need for Hydro One to schedule an outage when we assess the condition of our conductors.” 
- Hydro One Networks​

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Front view of Kinectrics Modular LineVue®

Flexible Installation Methods

LineVue® is available in a light-weight modular version for climbing transmission and distribution towers and installing the automated device.

LineVue® technology is applicable to all installation work methods for overhead power line assessment:

  • Bucket Truck
  • Helicopter
  • Climbing the Tower
front image of JointVue system

Inspection Tools for Manufacturers

Based on the original LineVue® technology, the Kinectrics JointVue™ inspection tool supports conductor quality at the manufacturing stage. JointVue™ is a sophisticated sensor capable of detecting minute changes in cross-sections of steel stranding, used either on their own or as cores inside composite conductors. JointVue™ is typically installed between the stranding point and the capstan. 

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