Kinectrics​’ Virtual World – T&D Labs


Our Transmission and Distribution labs are both fully equipped and managed by highly qualified staff, enabling us to excel in providing engineering and testing services to the power industry. We handle ​everything from new product and aged comp​onent testing to custom projects and special studies—all from one location, your one-stop testing facility on our Kipling campus!

  Tour our state-of-the-art labs below... 

Mechanical Testing
High Voltage
High Current
Safety Equipment
Testing Lab
Mechanical Testing Lab At Kinectrics
high voltage lab at Kinectrics
High current control room lab at Kinectrics
Glove testing in the Safety Equipment testing lab
Protection & Control System Verification Lab
Rotating Machines
Conductor Dynamic
Testing Lab
Connector Testing
RTDS lab photo with machinery and computer
rotating machines test
Span room at Kinectrics
Connector testing lab set up at Kinectrics