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Nuclear Parts - Genuine Parts and Components for the Nuclear Industry

Established expertise for a wide range of nuclear parts and components

Advanced Technologies, Testing, and Parts Qualification Services

Kinectrics is one of the nuclear industry's longest established and most reliable testing and qualification facilities in North America. Our nuclear parts, EQ / CGD and reverse engineering capabilities comprise a complete range of services, provided by leading industry experts working in advanced testing facilities.

Our specialists have designed many new and effective technologies to resolve complex problems and enhance the operations and management of power generation facilities. Utilities and industries worldwide have adopted products, methodologies and standards developed by Kinectrics.

Obsolescence Solutions - Leading-edge Genuine Nuclear Parts / Components & Reverse Engineering Capabilities

Kinectrics delivers complete, leading-edge obsolescence solutions, nuclear parts and reverse engineered items that other suppliers simply do not offer.

  • Circuit Breaker Rebuilds
  • EQ Motors
        • Complex Reverse Engineered Solutions for:
        • Analog/Digital Meters
        • Analog/Digital Power Supplies
        • Relays
        • Circuit Boards / Cards
        • Buckets
        • Control Panels
        • Bailey Boards
        • Temporary Back-up Power Bucket Insert (TBPB)  

Relays - Component Analysis, Type Testing and Closed-loop Testing

Kinectrics can provide parts with identical form, fit, and function to original relay components. Relay or control equipment can be tested and analyzed in closed-loop mode using RTDS to define components to precisely match your equipment characteristics.

We can design and manufacture specialized relay equipment such as 100% stator ground relays, distance relays, programmable logic controllers and battery ground detectors. 

Equipment Qualification (EQ) and Commerical Grade Dedication (CGD) 

Kinectrics is one of the largest 3rd party dedication facilities in North America servicing both the PWR / BWR and the CANDU markets. 
We provide complete EQ and CGD services for:
  • Electrical Components
  • Chemicals and Lubricants
  • Mechanical Components
  • Raw Materials (e.g. concrete)