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Structural Integrity and Risk Assessment

Advanced, expert measuring and monitoring techniques to help generation clients resolve complex problems associated with structural integrity assessment of critical components in CANDU reactors.
Kinectrics provides comprehensive interdisciplinary testing, measurement, monitoring and analytical services for structural integrity assurance regarding plant equipment requirements. Kinectrics structural integrity services include:

Structural Integrity Analysis / Fracture Mechanics Assessment

  • Flaw disposition in CANDU pressure tubes and steam generators
  • Fitness-for-service guidelines for Zr Nb pressure tubes and steam generator tubes
  • Fracture mechanics evaluations for blunt notches
  • Component structural integrity analysis in support of nuclear and fossil plant operation

Inspection and Monitoring

  • In-situ measurements of stress, strain, pressure, temperature and other physical variables of high-energy components in hostile environments
  • Advanced residual stress measurements / analysis techniques (ultra high-speed hole drilling)

Piping Burst / Pressure Testing

  • Large-scale, high-energy piping Burst Test Facility
  • Burst / leak rate tests of nuclear heat exchanger (steam generator) tubing to support fitness-for-service guidelines
  • Hydrostatic proof testing of nuclear components for regulator registration
  • Advanced ice plugging technology services

CANDU Pressure Tube Programs

  • Zr metallurgy, corrosion and hydrogen ingress, delayed hydride cracking, fatigue fracture
  • Testing, analysis, characterization, modeling, and Zr alloy materials behaviour and performance

Kinectrics is a recognized industry leader in the development of fitness-for-service guidelines, which are based on the close link between experimental and analytical methods.

Expert measurement and monitoring of structural behaviour can uncover contributing or critical causes of component failure or degradation.

Large-Scale Facilities

Kinectrics has large-scale test facilities, such as our Burst Test Facility, in which large pressurized components are tested. A wide range of operational conditions are simulated in our labs to safely confirm design calculations through rigorous testing.