Asset Management

Complete Asset Management Solutions for Electrical Power Systems

As power systems age, it can be challenging for entities with large fleets of electrical assets to prioritize investments in these assets in a way that finds the optimal balance ​ between financial performance, operating performance and business risk. Kinectrics helps its clients with overcoming these challenges by providing two types of asset management services: equipment focused, and strategy focused.

Why should you trust our experts in providing you with a consistent and documented approach to your asset management decision making? ​

We have successfully completed​ dozens of Asset Management projects for 30+ companies with electrical assets across North America and Europe, we lead the development of asset management methodologies at international organizations, we provide training around the world, and our engineers have unmatched experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of asset management.

Having deep transmission and distribution electric utility roots, our complete Asset Management solutions span well-beyond the typical paper analysis - we provide specific action plans based on findings, advise on maintenance protocols, develop long term capital investment plans, and recommend and perform targeted equipment testing - through both lab and field testing – all performed by our staff.

By integrating available data from a multitude of sources, including historical data and information, such as preventative and corrective maintenance records, outage and failure statistics, loading and environmental conditions, as well as supplementary inspections and field and in-house testing, Kinectrics can provide you with a consistent and compelling decision-making strategy and action plan.​

We have further enhanced our Asset Management service offerings by partnering with Asset Performance Management (APM) Platform providers. These platforms enable the integration of data, both static and real-time, to automatically update results and generate customized dashboards and reports.

Operational Benefits
  • Fewer service interruptions due to equipment failures
  • Improved safety and reliability
  • Better asset knowledge and understanding of data sources and gaps
  • Documented decision-making process
Financial Benefits
  • Optimized lifecycle costs of assets
  • Better alignment with accounting practices
  • Effective and efficient prioritization of investments
  • Defensible rate submission (for Utilities)

Equipment Focused Asset Management services involve performing Asset Condition Assessments (ACA) using Health Indexing to identify assets that require attention and then utilizing risk-based methodologies to develop short and long-term action plans to address the indentified problems (for example, replace or refurbish).


Strategy Focused Asset Management services involve improving and standardizing decision making processes by using customized tools such as Investment Prioritization, establishing Performance Measures, creating Asset Management Plans (AMPs) consistent with ISO55000 requirements (considering both power system needs and internal/external drivers), and assisting with all aspects of the regulatory process.​ 

Experience providing Asset Management solutions for:

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