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News Release

Global Supply Chain for Lu-177 Based Cancer Treatments Strengthened by Kinectrics’ Start of Yb-176 Production, Reducing Reliance on Russia


Taking Fusion to Fruition

News Release

Kinectrics Announces Purchase of Site in Oak Ridge, Tennessee to Build Helium Test Facility

3D render of Kinectrics' helium test facility, image provided by ARCO/Murray
News Release

Kinectrics Continues to Expand Nuclear Research Collaborations Through New MoU with the University of Strathclyde

1300 Industry Experts.

Our experts are the best and the brightest, trusted worldwide for their expertise in engineering, testing & inspection.

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70 Global Services.

We are the center of excellence the electricity industry relies on to provide services that mitigate risks, maintain safe operation & extend asset life.

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As an industry leader, we provide our global clients with the site support, services & products they need across the entire electricity lifecycle, including the transmission & distribution of energy.

We regularly conduct work in accordance to internationally recognized standards, follow a rigorous quality assurance (QA) program & hold certificates that comply with the requirements of our customers across the world.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone who comes to one of our +20 locations or that is supporting an on-site project, goes home safely at the end of each day.

World-Class Facilities.

We continually invest in our facilities and tooling. By advancing new methods & technologies, we support utilities by maximizing asset value & extending the life of systems.

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T&D Labs

Transmission & Distribution Labs

Our diverse array of electrical & mechanical laboratories offer complete testing services for Cables, Transformers, Rotating Machines, Overhead Conductors, Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & associated hardware.

Photograph of Kinectrics' laundry facility conveyor belts and chutes

PPE Facilities

Our PPE testing, manufacturing & laundering facilities help keep people safe by ensuring they have the PPE needed, that it does the job expected & that it is properly maintained.

Photograph of the calandria relief duct mock-up and training facility
Nuclear Equipment

Nuclear Equipment Development Facilities

Our specialized facilities and equipment enable us to develop and test machines for nuclear applications, as well as decontaminate and maintain those machines after they have been used.

Ontario Nuclear Services Facility
Nuclear Licensed

Nuclear Licensed Facilities

Our nuclear licensed facilities offer 100,000 sq.ft of space to actively support nuclear operators with a wide range of services such as nuclear equipment development & maintenance, radioactive laundry, waste management, metallurgical analysis, refurbishment and decontamination.

Remote manipulators in front of a "warm cell"
Material Labs

Material Labs

Our state-of-the-art materials laboratories support R&D, qualification & lifecycle management for the nuclear industry. These conventional & radioactive labs utilize materials experts from across the industry to consistently manage critical, long-term & emergent R&D that keeps plants running.

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Helping transform dreams into reality.

Innovation is about pushing boundaries beyond what was once thought possible, to achieve something that transforms the way things are done. We have been and always will be innovators. Through innovation we enable our customers to transform their business, helping to run it more safely & effectively, at a lower cost, while delivering a better service.


Ensuring we make the world a better place for all.

We see a world powered by clean non-emitting energy. Our rich history in research, development and innovation puts us in a unique position to inspire and support powering a net-zero generation.

Our Projects Empower the Electricity Industry.

With decades of experience supporting all stages of the electricity lifecycle, our projects solve the electricity industry's most complex challenges through innovative, turnkey solutions.

CAL2 Isotope Irradiation System 001
Key Project

Medical Isotope Production System Design, Fabrication & Installation

PRL1 Key Project Tower Vibration Monitoring 001
Key Project

Transmission Line Tower Vibration Monitoring

PRL1 Key Project Xe 100 plant
Key Project

Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Support, Licensing & Safety Analysis

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Careers that Make a Difference.

Looking to join an award-winning team of experts with experience providing dynamic solutions to the energy and health & safety industries? With a focus on innovation, sustainability, long-term careers, and corporate social responsibility, come take a look and see why the best and the brightest choose to work at Kinectrics.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

We strive to break barriers and enhance the state of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) across our global workplaces. Through inclusion and collaboration, we develop solutions that help drive change for a better tomorrow.

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Whether it’s about our world-renowned team, our facilities, or our lifecycle management solutions, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.