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18 Inch Pipe Inspection and Cleaning

A Versatile tool for inspecting and cleaning pipe systems with bends
Versatile Solutions
Plants and industrial facilities require targeted and periodic inspections of piping systems, as well as cleaning, maintenance and repairs.  In many cases these piping systems were not designed for access or inspection, and can present tight bends and demanding conditions for equipment.
Kinectrics has developed a versatile platform for navigating 18” piping systems and delivering a variety of tooling heads.  This platform has been successfully deployed to deliver and retrieve a pipe plug, perform precise volumetric inspection applying both Ultrasonic and Eddy Current technologies, clean piping systems, and deliver specialized tooling into small pipe cross-branches.
Challenging Geometries and Environments
The Kinectrics solution addresses challenging pipe geometries, including 1D and 1.5D bends, back-to-back elbows, and weld steps.  While doing so, it tracks centerline position and the gravity vector to support inspection and operational considerations.  It operates in both horizontal and down vertical sections, and can operate in high radiation fields and damp conditions.
Adaptable Technology
The solution can be adapted to suit a variety of different pipes, environments, and requirements, including:
  • Larger or smaller diameter pipes
  • Diverse tooling heads supporting different inspection technologies or tasks
  • A variety of cleaning methods, including high pressure water, chemical solutions, and mechanical abrasion
  • Different environments, such as chemically active, wet, or submerged

Cost-Effective Client Benefits
Kinectrics’ 18” pipe Inspection and Cleaning solution provides clients with several important benefits, including:
  • Proven design for navigating challenging pipe geometries and delivering a diverse and adaptable selection of tools
  • Adaptable to customer-specific requirements and needs
  • Industry leading experience overcoming challenging requirements and environments
  • Extensive tooling deployment experience, from tooling design to data analysis and reporting, to support effective plant life management