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Moderator Relief Duct Inspection Equipment (MORDIE)

Unique tool for Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of nuclear moderator duct piping

Kinectrics recently completed the design and manufacture of a custom tool to be used for CANDU Moderator Relief Duct (MRD) inspections. The new device, known as MORDIE (Moderator Relief Duct Inspection Equipment) was designed by Kinectrics and built specifically to provide advanced NDE inspections as part of a client initiative based on an earlier project.

The MORDIE tool was designed to traverse and inspect, using onboard NDE technology, the interior walls of the larger (18”) sections of the client’s MRD piping system.  Prior to commencement of the specified work, Axiom NDT used Phased Array technology to inspect the outside of the pipe.

Extensive testing of the MORDIE tool itself was carried out both in Kinectrics’ 15,000 sq. ft. Mechanical lab and at the client’s site. Initial tests were performed on a full-size MRD mock-up set up in Kinectrics’ mechanical laboratory.

On-site testing of the MORDIE at the client’s nuclear station comprised 3 weeks and involved multiple contractors, including Axiom NDT and Kinectrics, as well as client engineers and other technical staff. Two MRD mock-up units were required for the demonstrations.  

For the preliminary work, Kinectrics supported the MORDIE tool and hardware operations, while Axiom NDT directed the actual inspection and data collection using the Phased Array and Eddy Current technologies integrated into the device.

In addition, Kinectrics’ personnel provided extensive support and training related to the operation of the MORDIE for the client’s engineering team and other contractors.

On completion of rigorous preparation and testing, the device was moved into the reactor vault area, where it was operated by computer control. On delivery into the pipe, the MORDIE successfully inspected key areas of several 18” MRD pipes.