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NDE Tooling Development

Turnkey Engineering and Fabrication Capabilities for Advanced Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) Tools

Specialized Solutions

In the nuclear industry, Kinectrics develops and applies specialized Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) tooling with specific value attributes including:

  • Remote control
  • Radiation-tolerant components
  • Field-hardened, FME compliant systems
  • Customized tools for inaccessible areas
  • Phased Array & Conventional UT technologies
  • Emerging NDE technologies (e.g. laser profilometry, leak detection, acoustic emission, thermography)

Complete Capabilities for New Tooling Development

Kinectrics provides complete “cradle-to-grave” capabilities for new tooling development—from tooling concept design studies through to detailed design, fabrication, testing, qualification and post-delivery support.

Our expert team helps utilities and industries such as nuclear, aerospace and petrochemical, adapt to existing technologies to suit new tooling development configurations.

Recent Successes

  • Hot Particle Retrieval – Supply and deployment of a set of custom robotic crawlers to locate, retrieve and safely store an intensely radioactive particle from a boiler drain line.
  • Circumferential Wet Scrape Tool (CWEST)* – A highly capable tool which gathers up to 8 CANDU pressure tube scrape samples in a single channel entry, from both the body of tube and rolled joint regions. Deployed by UDM or mini-SLAR delivery machines.
  • Calandria TubeSheet Bore (CTSB) Inspection Tool – A laser profilometer inspection tool utilized during CANDU refurbishment to inspect the condition of the CTSBs prior to calandria tube installation.
  • Rolled Joint Leak Test Tool (RJLTT) – Performs a sensitive vacuum hold test on calandria tube rolled joints as part of the CANDU refurbishment process.
  • Bellows Visual Inspection Recorder – A miniaturized delivery carriage to deploy a high-resolution video probe to a restricted annular gap for a bellows weld inspection.
  • Feeder Internal Delivery System (FIDS) – A robotic pipe crawler, capable of both horizontal and vertical navigation in water-filled piping. Includes onboard video cameras and a payload platform for deployment of various inspection and maintenance end effectors (e.g. mechanical feeder plugs, UT probe, EC probe).

* not available for sale outside of Canada until after November 30, 2027​