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Safety Equipment Testing Services

Complete testing and certification services for safety equipment and products to ensure worker protection and compliance with industry regulatory standards.

An Important Industry Need

The need for specific safety tests and certifications of electrical safety equipment and products is driven by several factors: compliance with government regulations, safety-related issues, personnel and equipment protection, product quality assurance and best practices development. Successful suppliers must meet a wide range of industrial requirements, design innovative safety equipment test programs, and deliver quality safety equipment test results on time – all at a competitive price.

Practical Expert Services

Kinectrics offers quality in-lab and mobile safety equipment testing services to the most appropriate current standards (CSA, IEC, ASTM, ANSI/IEEE and other applicable standards) using state-of-the-art equipment.

We can provide custom testing programs, equipment work method development and mobile testing services for most products, as well as a unique live-line tool repair service (including surface refinishing).

The Kinectrics technical team has a diverse base of engineering expertise in the area of electrical work safety equipment and product testing. Kinectrics' established, broad-based experience in the utilities area offers unique value-added services for applications in equipment manufacturing, telecommunicaitons, electrical contracting and numerous other industries.

Testing Services

  • Rubber Insulating Protective Equipment Certification and Periodic Testing
  • Insulating Plastic Guard Equipment
  • Insulated Aerial Devices
  • Live-Line Tools

Direct Client Benefits 

  • Safety regulatory compliance with the latest standards
  • Ability to meet customer requirements for customized testing programs
  • Failure analysis support and recommendations
  • Expert consultation services for equipment work methods, equipment application and development
  • Access to archived product test data
  • Complete safety equipment testing services with customer access to other Kinectrics state-of-the-art test facilities including High Voltage and High Current laboratories, Mechanical and Metallurgical Laboratories and the Analytical Services Laboratory